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  Why doesn't my dentist or physician know about this treatment? :

The information is out there in many microbiology and dental journals. If your health care professional were interested in treating you, I'm sure they would have taken the time to look for this research. In fact, I will soon be entering the 8th year of performing this treatment, and just recently, The American Dental Association finally agreed with what I have been saying all this time..."Bad breath originates on the back of the tongue and in the throat." This differs from the disinformation that they initially put out back in 1995 when the Sacramento Bee wrote about my clinical treatment. They attempted to "disqualify" my patient successes and instead urged the public to use ADA approved products which contain high levels of Alcohol, SOAP (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and Saccharin. The ADA Seal of Approval is no assurance that an oral product will assist your bad breath problem. In fact, the ADA has ignored the entire problem of Halitosis and has classified it as "cosmetic".

Whenever I have post nasal drip, the problem gets worse. Doesn't that show that it comes from the sinuses?:

No. That's because the anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria that create bad breath live and breed within the back of the tongue and in the throat. They have the ability to digest mucous (because of high protein content) & then break it down into sulfide molecules, which cause the bad breath & bitter, sour taste. The correct way to fight bad breath due to post nasal drip is to use a combination of our CaliforniaBreath Nasal Sinus Drops and AktivOxigen tablets, creating an oxygenating solution to cleanse the throat and tonsil area.

Can I still use my regular toothpaste and mouthwash if I use CaliforniaBreath?:

No. Almost all commercial toothpaste's contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SOAP), placed in toothpaste in order to create a foaming action, so that you think that something is actually happening. It has no beneficial effects at all. Unfortunately it will also inhibit the potency of the active ingredients. That is why those who use Oxyfresh toothpaste should read the ingredients in their toothpaste: It contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate! Secondly, almost all mouthwashes contain alcohol. And as you know alcohol makes the mouth drier, which will then make the breath and taste worse. This will negate the benefits of the oxidation process.

Do I have to do this treatment for the rest of my life?:

The only way to effectively stop these bacteria from producing these Volatile Sulfur Compounds, is to use an Oxyd-8 based product. No other compounds will perform this action. The bacteria reproduce every 10-12 hours and that is why the treatment must be done throughout the day. After several months, there is a residual effect, whereby the medication has a longer lasting feeling. Some patients are then able to get by with performing the procedure only twice daily, however, for the best results, most perform the procedures three times daily.

Many patients use between 2-3 bottles of rinse per month. A large toothpaste lasts about 5-6 weeks. If you stop, the problems will come back again, because the bacteria will recognize the difference within a few days. The products were designed to become your daily oral hygiene system and now with tooth whitening (CaliforniaBrite) and periodontal treatments (PerioTherapy) as part of our entire system, you'll never need to use other products. By the way, most people spend

Once in a while I get these small white round dots that appear on my tonsils and sometimes I even cough them up. They have an extremely strong odor. What are they and is this related to my breath and taste disorder?:

Those little round globules are known as Tonsiloliths and they are most definitely related to Halitosis and sour taste. They are created by sulfur gases produced by these bacteria (which are located across from the tonsils in the throat area). The sulfur gas mixes with the mucous and thick saliva in the back of your throat and after a period of time, condense into these concentrated, odorous globs. They are only present when one has tonsils, but not in all cases.

I have had many patients who have actually had their tonsils removed due to misinformation from physicians about this problem. Of course, these patients still had bad breath after having the tonsillectomy, because BAD BREATH DOES NOT START IN THE TONSILS! (only on the back of the tongue). However, it can branch off into the tonsils, secondarily.

Important: To reduce Halitosis (if you have Tonsiloliths) here's what my patients tell me they have done to solve this problem:

Swallow 1-2 capfuls of the solution created with the AktivO

I scrape my tongue all day, but yet I still have bad breath. My dentist gave me this huge tongue scraper and told me to use it daily because it might scrape off the bacteria. I gag just by looking at it. Is there any truth to this or is it just one of those fads?:

Now, that's a good question! In my opinion, and based on helping tens of thousands of people who have suffered with bad breath, tongue scraping by itself is NOT the answer. In fact, I have seen dozens of cases in my clinics where people have just scraped too hard and for too long, resulting in damage..painful tongue, dry tongue, and burning tongue!

We prefer to use the tongue cleaner as an application device with a very gentle cleansing motion on the tongue from the back to the front. This helps to apply the CaliforniaBreath gel below the tongue's surface to where the bacteria actually live. The Bacteria cannot live ON the tongue surface...Remember they are anaerobes and by definition, they can't survive on the surface.

How do I get CaliforniaBreath products afterwards, or if I move?:

You will find an order form for our products enclosed with your first order or when you come to see us. Just fill it out and send it to us (or fax it to us at 323-933-1317) and you should receive your order within 7-10 working days, depending on where you live. We have been shipping these medications all over the world (to 59 countries at last count). And most importantly, any improvements in our treatment, any significant research on these topics, and any information on the enhancement in these products will be sent to you immediately.

We have been fortunate to now have our basic CaliforniaBreath products in thousands of s tores across the U.S. (Walgreens, Eckerd, Genovese, selected GNC stores, Meijer stores, Wegmans, Price-Chopper, Kinney Drug, and more)

Which is the strongest of your formulas?:

CaliforniaBreath PLUS contains a great combination of anti-microbial agents as well as components that are great for oral health in general. The products in the PLUS line include Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, Spray, PowerDrops, and Gum.

I don't have bad breath or any taste problems, but I want to use the best toothpaste and mouthwash you have. Which products should I use?:

I would recommend the PerioTherapy line of Oral Rinse and Toothpaste. It's similar to the CaliforniaBreath PLUS line, but focuses more on gum health, which is still the number one oral disease in the world - more of a problem than cavities by far! And because chronic gum disease can lead to other health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and birth problems for pregnant women, we highly recommend PerioTherapy products.

My boyfriend sometimes has bad breath. Is it possible for him to give it to me when we French kiss?:

Simply put, you can't give bad breath to someone else. The bacteria that create this problem are actually good bacteria and are part of the normal oral flora (the mix of bacteria that you need to function properly). It's possible that the bacteria in your boyfriend's mouth (tongue, throat, tonsils) are reacting to his dry mouth, which could have been created by smoking, medication, or alcohol (in beer, wine, or in old-fashioned mouthwashes). Tell him about CaliforniaBreath and both of you will soon be able to kiss with confidence.

I can smell the bad breath coming from my nose when I exhale. What can I do about this? Am I imaging things?:

You are not imagining anything. There are odors that can be detected in some cases as they emanate from the nostrils. This type of odor is due to mucous in the nasal passage and its reaction to bacteria in the nostrils (not in the sinus). It may also be a by-product of the reaction between mucous, post nasal drip, or allergies in the area beyond the sinus (in the naso-pharyngeal area and the throat/tonsil area). The solution is quite simple - CaliforniaBreath Nasal Sinus Drops are the only oxygenating/zinc formula to attack this type of problem.

Is there any way I can whiten my teeth and get rid of bad breath at the same time? I don't have the time to use dozens of different products several times a day.:

Actually, our CaliforniaBrite toothpaste is BOTH a whitening toothpaste AND a breath toothpaste. Just use it in conjunction with any of our oxygenating rinses - CaliforniaBreath, AktivOxigen, CaliforniaBreath PLUS, and PerioTherapy - All of our products are designed to work together.